Winning season creates revamped fanbase in Kansas City

Since the Kansas City Chiefs kicked off their season on Sept. 8 in Jacksonville, the team has soared as one of the dominant teams in the NFL this season. The Chiefs started off with a 9-0 record and were the last team to drop a game in 2013.

Game attendance, merchandise and interest in the team are up from a year ago when the Chiefs mustered only two wins. With the 9-0 start to the season, the team now stands with a 10-3 record, tying third for best record in the NFL.

“Now that they are winning, like any sport, the fans have come back,” said Danny Parkins, an afternoon radio host for 610 Sports. “They’ve come back and they are voicing their pleasure again by wearing red throughout town.”

On Oct. 13 against the Oakland Raiders, fans broke the Guinness World Record at the time for the loudest stadium in the world. The Chiefs improved to 6-0 following a win that day.

Arrowhead Stadium averages 75,354 fans per game, which is approximately 7,000 more fans than last year’s reported average attendance per home game. The Chiefs announced that the meeting between the Chiefs and Broncos in Kansas City on Dec. 1, with first place in the AFC on the line, was sold out.

On Nov. 18, 2012, Stubhub was selling Chiefs tickets for as low as $5.99. The Chiefs went into that game with a 1-8 record.

According to the Kansas City Business Journal in July, the average ticket price for face value at Arrowhead Stadium was $124. The Chiefs ranked 26th in the NFL in wins from 2008 to 2012.

Since then, ticket prices have skyrocketed for Chiefs games due to the team’s 9-0 run.

Forbes reported last month that tickets for the Chiefs and Broncos match at Arrowhead were the most expensive among all games played in Week 13. Tickets for this game were the most expensive at Arrowhead Stadium within the past three years.

Outside of Arrowhead Stadium, Chiefs fans have packed sports bars on game days. Fans begin to arrive an hour before a game to make sure they can get a seat and catch all the action.

“I’m making more tips than last season,” joked Sam Beck, who’s worked at Texas Roadhouse for two years. “People even ask me during the week if we get packed or ask how early they should come.”

With three games left to go, the Chiefs, currently at 10-3, can win up to 13 games. If the Chiefs win out the rest of the regular season, they will shatter the NFL record for biggest turnaround in NFL history.

This season already passed the six-game improvement the Chiefs had in 2010 for biggest turnaround in franchise history. The Chiefs have already improved by eight games in 2013, quintupling their win total from last year.

With three games left to go and a very likely postseason game in January, Chiefs fans will have reasons to continue cheering for at least one more month.

“It’s a very proud sports town,” Parkins said. “People here represent their teams and they just represent them more when they are winning.”