The Royals are in .. (wait for it..) first place!

It feels weird to write this in August (but pretty cool!) – the Kansas City Royals are in first place! The wave of emotions throughout the city is indescribable. Some fans were around when the Royals won it all in 1985, which is the last time the team made the playoffs. Many fans weren’t even born at the time, so the experience of baseball in October will be new to a lot of people in town.


There was a strong glimpse of hope that the Royals were well on their way to the playoffs in 2003. However, the team fell apart late in the season, falling from first to third in the AL Central.


That is the closest the Royals ever got to the playoffs during my lifetime.


Greg Holland is second in the MLB in saves with 35.

Greg Holland is second in the MLB in saves with 35.

Fast forward to 11 years later – the Royals are in first place and are the hottest team in baseball.


After defeating the Detroit Tigers on June 17, the Royals moved to first place and fans were ecstatic. But that did not last long as the Royals went 10-17 since that day.


Although consistency has been a problem, the Royals figured things out after dropping out of first. Since the 10-17 run, the Royals have gone 16-3.


The Royals have won eight in a row and have recently beaten some of the best teams in baseball in the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants.


With 45 games left the go, the Royals want to keep the division and lock it up as the Tigers have been struggling lately.

James Shields leads the team in strikeouts (132) and wins (11.)

James Shields leads the team in strikeouts (132) and wins (11.)


If the Royals keep up this consistency, then the future is bright and there will be baseball in October in Kansas City.


I’ve never been a huge fan of baseball and haven’t followed it closely. Perhaps living in Kansas City has been a big reason as baseball has been hard to watch for many fans over the years.


The Royals are 45 games away from making all of those somber years a long-distant memory.


During the 9-0 start the Kansas City Chiefs had going, the team’s fanbase kept bringing up the fact that the Chiefs were beating a lot of bottom-tier teams. While that is true, those fans focused too much on the negative while the Chiefs were winning.


My response to those Chiefs fans at the time – enjoy the ride. The Chiefs have this kind of success only once every 10 years. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but maybe the Chiefs will be bad for another five years.


My point is; Royals fans, from the casual baseball fans to the patient, diehard fans, need to enjoy the ride.


Hopefully the Royals continue the success for many years to come, making this the start of a new era. But appreciate the moment. It has been a while since some Royals fans have felt this way while others are going through this for the first time.


At the end of the day, it is nice to see the city get behind the team and appreciate it for finally being aggressive and making that postseason push.