You have to love your job

Seems like an obvious title, but a lot of people get stuck working a job they strongly dislike. I will explain…

I’ve been blogging less on here because, well (here comes that excuse), I’ve been pretty busy. After graduating in May, my job search continued throughout the summer with no luck when it came to getting calls back. Within 18 days in August, I accepted three jobs.

  1. Chiefs Gameday Correspondent and Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report
  2. Producer at 610 Sports Radio
  3. Copy Editor at the Lawrence Journal-World

There was lot of good fortune that came my way within a short amount of time. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty happy.

My parents told me in high school that being happy is the most important thing for a career. You have to love what you do for a living. Otherwise, you will hate going to work if you’re not happy with what you do, and that takes a toll on your personal life.

Monday night was a crazy night at the radio station. We had the KU Hawk Talk show with Charlie Weis, but our station could not air that during its original time because of the Kansas City Royals game. Instead, we aired it after our Royals postgame show.

Due to the fact the Royals game took 30 minutes longer than usual, I knew I would be at the station very late. I stayed at the station until 1:10 a.m. and got home at 1:30 a.m. Although it was a crazy night with a lot going on, I was never stressed, nor did I hate it. (Normally I’m there until 11 p.m. or midnight.)

Throughout that night at the station, I had flashbacks about a part-time job I had early in college while working at Staples as a sales associate. More specifically, there was a certain night that I kept thinking about.

After closing the store at 9 p.m., there were three sales associates plus the manager on duty. Following our close, there were a lot of tasks that needed to be done. These were must complete tasks. We could not leave as these errands needed to be finished for the following day.

We ended up being there until 12:30 a.m. on a Saturday (technically Sunday) as I got home a few minutes after that. I still remember the stress I had that night just from having to stay there so late. Being a sales associate at Staples was different than most jobs. Due to the few workers our store had, sales associates also act as cashiers, shelf stockers and do inventory reports. There were also times when I had to bring out a desk or a chair inside a box if a customer purchased one. That was not fun.

Needless to say, it was not the most exciting job in the world. It occurred to me eventually that my managers and even a couple of the sales associates have been working in retail for years, and it was evident that they did not enjoy it. I was only one of three people working there at the time while also studying in school.

Working at the station past 1 a.m. wasn’t ideal. Working at 1 a.m. isn’t ideal to anyone, I imagine.

However, I do remember telling myself the night I was at the radio station until 1 a.m.: “this night sure as hell beats the late night I had at Staples.”

Along with my parents’ advice, many of my mentors in sports broadcast-journalism told me that sports media is an industry where you HAVE to be having fun. Otherwise, you need to get out and get into another career.

Granted, that piece of advice can be said for any career. But if you get paid to cover sports or be part of a sports media outlet, it makes life fun.

For me, I have multiple jobs in sports media, and I’m having fun. I love sports and I am getting paid to watch games and cover them. How cool is that?

I wake up every morning remembering that I am pretty lucky to be where I am today. The goal is to always move up and eventually reach a high point in the industry. For now, I am making connections while working multiple jobs, and I love it.