The Chiefs Zone: May 1, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs 2017 NFL Draft recap

The Kansas City Chiefs turned 10 of their draft picks into six. What did the Chiefs come away with and who can make an immediate impact? Farzin will answer those questions and let you know what you need to know about this draft class. Also, the Buffalo Bills fired their GM after the draft. Did the Chiefs cause this to happen? Farzin gets into that as well. Plus, one former Chiefs player misspells “Jets.”

The Chiefs Zone: April 27, 2017

Chiefs draft Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs traded up with the Buffalo Bills to acquire the 10th pick and selected quarterback Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. Many Chiefs fans, including Farzin, wanted DeShaun Watson. However, Farzin will tell you why you should still be ecstatic with this draft pick. Farzin goes over his strengths and how he can help this offense, as well as how the offense can help Mahomes. Farzin also shares one major concern: will he sit out the entire season? Farzin tells you when he should become the starter.

The Chiefs Zone: April 14, 2017

Special guest: Matt Miller from Bleacher Report

With the draft being less than two weeks away, Farzin brings in NFL draft scout and the NFL lead writer for Bleacher Report, Matt Miller. Matt dives into what the Chiefs will do with the 27th pick and whether the Chiefs will make a move at quarterback. We lost a legend in the NFL, and Farzin talks about his biggest NFL contribution. Plus, one company has become the new Jordan Crying Meme.

The Chiefs Zone: April 6, 2017

Will the Kansas City Chiefs trade up in the NFL Draft?

Tony Romo’s retirement shakes up the entire 2017 NFL Draft, which makes a big impact on the Kansas City Chiefs, assuming they are seeking a quarterback in the draft. Farzin looks at the first 26 picks of the NFL Draft and predicts which teams will select a quarterback and how many could go by the time Kansas City is on the clock. Should the Chiefs trade up? With who? Farzin answers that.

The Chiefs Zone: March 31, 2017

AFC West shift

For the second time this offseason, an AFC West team changes its location as the Kansas City Chiefs remain. The Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas in a couple of years, but this led to some angry Raiders fans in Oakland. Would you still be a Chiefs fan if the team left Kansas City? Farzin reads some of your answers on the podcast. We have an update on Travis Kelce, plus, Farzin explains why Chiefs fans shouldn’t let another fan give them a hard time about rooting for Tyreek Hill. Also, some sports fans take sports too seriously.

The Chiefs Zone: March 27, 2017

Are the Chiefs still in the Romo sweepstakes?

The Kansas City Chiefs have been quiet this offseason. Farzin explains why that might be the case. The Oakland Raiders could soon be moving to Las Vegas. Farzin will tell you why you should be excited about this as a Chiefs fan, especially if you frequently visit Vegas. Also, Farzin will name an overrated sports coach, and most listeners will disagree.

The Chiefs Zone: March 16, 2017

Chiefs sign Bennie Logan, Dontari Poe moves on

The Kansas City Chiefs are have moved on from Dontari Poe as they signed a new defensive lineman in Bennie Logan. What kind of an impact will he and the rest of the defensive line have with the Chiefs next year? Farzin discusses the Logan signing and shares why he could be better than Poe. There is one free agent out there who the Chiefs should go after, and it won’t cost the Chiefs much. Farzin shares who that player is. Farzin also calls out the “bracketologists” and explains why they aren’t as smart as you think. Also, one local college took a shot at another.

The Chiefs Zone Podcast: March 5, 2017

What Will The Chiefs Do In Free Agency?

Free agency is underway this week, but there is one problem with the Kansas City Chiefs. How active will they be? And should we expect an unpopular move? Farzin will answer that in this podcast. Also, why do players at the NFL combine receive weird questions? Farzin shares some of those questions in this podcast as well.

The Chiefs Zone: Chiefs vs. Texans recap/Chiefs vs. Broncos preview


Football season is back, and the Chiefs are off to a good start! Farzin recaps the road win against the Texans. Though many were concerned about the conservative second half, Farzin provides an explanation for the lack of scoring. Farzin also brings up the national perspective of the Chiefs and why everyone should stop underestimating the team. To conclude, Farzin previews the Chiefs and Broncos for Thursday Night Football and gives his prediction.

Click here to listen.

Kansas City Chiefs 2015 game-by-game predictions

Week 1: at Texans – Win, 16-9

Expect a low-scoring contest. Both teams have a great defense. Kansas City’s defense will expose Houston’s weak offense and take advantage.

Week 2: vs. Broncos (TNF) – Win, 23-21

Kansas City has defeated Peyton Manning once back in 2004 when he was a member of the Colts. The Chiefs are 0-6 facing the Broncos since they acquired Manning. With the home opener on a Thursday night, Arrowhead Stadium will be full of exuberant Chiefs fans and the team will feed off the fans. Kansas City’s defense should seal the deal and pick up its first win against Denver since the 2011 season finale when Kyle Orton was the quarterback for the Chiefs.

Week 3: at Packers (MNF) – Loss, 27-17

The Packers present a lot of challenges for the Chiefs and the defense might have a hard time keeping up with Aaron Rodgers, especially at Green Bay.

Week 4: at Bengals – Win, 31-10

Andy Dalton faced the Chiefs just once, and that was back in 2012 when the Chiefs won only two games. Now, Dalton will face a scarier defense and a more complete Chiefs team. You won’t see the Chiefs surpass the 30-point mark a whole lot this season. This will be one of the few times where they do.

Week 5: vs. Bears – Win, 41-0

Chicago is in disarray. Chiefs fans will enjoy this as the team will have a field day against the Bears.

Week 6: at Vikings – Loss, 31-21

Everyone expects the Vikings to do a lot better this year with Adrian Peterson coming back. However, I think they’ll be one of the best teams in the NFL as Teddy Bridgewater enters the season with a solid rookie campaign. This will be a tough game for the Chiefs on the road, and this will be the game in which the defense allows more than 30 points after not allowing 30 points or more in a game last year.

Week 7: vs. Steelers – Win, 28-27

The Steelers have a dangerous QB-RB-WR trio, in which the Chiefs still held to 20 points last year in Pittsburgh. With a more balanced offense, the Chiefs should find holes and put up some points on Pittsburgh’s defense.

Week 8: vs. Lions (London) – Win, 24-13

The postgame story in Kansas City won’t be about a win or a loss. Chiefs fans were irate over losing a home game, and rightfully so. That story will resurface again by the time this game happens. As for the game, the Lions look good on paper, but aren’t a threat to other teams across the league. Jamaal Charles will have fun against Detroit’s defense, showing fans in London what a great running back looks like.

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: at Broncos – Loss, 35-30

The Chiefs haven’t played well in Denver over the years. The Broncos will find themselves in a close battle with the Chiefs and will finish the job. A win for the Broncos will keep the division race close.

Week 11: at Chargers (SNF) – Loss, 24-10

The Chargers won’t compete in the AFC West. But they are capable of taking at least one game against the Chiefs this year.

Week 12: vs. Bills – Win, 17-14

Since 2008, the Chiefs find themselves playing the Bills each season. Buffalo’s offense is a big question, but the defensive lines can give teams trouble, as it did against the Chiefs last year. Expect a similar, low-scoring game from last year when the two teams met in Buffalo. Andy Reid will again find a way to get the team to pull through.

Week 13: at Raiders – Loss, 23-20

Let’s be honest: every year, we expect the Chiefs to go 2-0 against the Raiders. Since 2007, the Chiefs swept the Raiders only once. In fact, the Raiders are finally going into the right direction. By this point, some of their rookies will be more developed and will make a big impact in games.

Week 14: vs. Chargers – Win, 24-6

Phillip Rivers struggles immensely against a pass rush. With this game being at Arrowhead Stadium, Rivers will have to deal with the crowd and will face Tamba Hali and Justin Houston quite a lot.

Week 15: at Ravens – Loss, 17-10

As the season winds down, teams begin to pick up the intensity as they fight for a playoff spot. The Ravens could find themselves hungry and will need a win to stay in the hunt.

Week 16: vs. Browns – Win, 31-13

The Browns have a good group of receivers, but how good will the passing game be? This should be a game in which the defense has full control.

Week 17: vs. Raiders – Win, 21-17

The Chiefs should handle the Raiders at home. But expect a competitive contest. Though many in Kansas City view Oakland as a bad team, this will be the first season in a long time the Raiders will show they can compete. They won’t get into the playoffs, but will make strides this year and become a division contender in 2016.

Record: 10-6, AFC West Champions

MVP: NT Dontari Poe

Offensive Player of the Year: RB Jamaal Charles

Defensive Player of the Year: OLB Justin Houston

Comeback Player of the Year: S Eric Berry

Rookie of the Year: C Mitch Morse

Role Player: RB Knile Davis

The Chiefs have a much improved offense with upgrades at wide receiver and the line, which will create a balance, something the team was missing and prevented it from finishing with double-digit wins. The defense was scary-good last year, and look at the offseason additions. Marcus Peters could be a big steal as the team also adds Tyvon Branch and re-signed Ron Parker. In addition, the defense will get back front seven members Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito, both missed action due to an Achilles injury in the season opener. Eric Berry also returns after being limited to six games due to injuries and health.

As long as the Chiefs have Dontari Poe, who will help Tamba Hali and Justin Houston invade the backfield, Kansas City’s defense might be better than Seattle’s.

As for the offense, Jeremy Maclin is obviously a great addition and will help the offense become more three-dimensional. Let’s not forget about Travis Kelce, who can block and do damage as a catch-and-run tight end. Alex Smith loves working with tight ends, as we saw in San Francisco with Vernon Davis. And even though Anthony Fasano’s time was short as a Chief, he and Smith connected well in the end zone. Of course, we saw Kelce emerge in what was essentially his first year playing after missing his entire rookie season due to a knee injury. Bold prediction, but I think Kelce, not Maclin, will be the team’s top pass-catcher in terms of receiving yards.

Either way, Smith has a lot of weapons with Maclin, Kelce, Jamaal Charles and a couple others who look to contribute, such as Jason Avant, who knows Reid’s offense, De’Anthony Thomas, Knile Davis and Albert Wilson. Defenses will have to pick their poison when facing the viable tools Smith has to work with, which will allow somebody to break away and get open. The rest is up to Smith.

And for special teams, it should be another good year for De’Anthony Thomas and Knile Davis. With Dave Toub as the special teams coordinator, this team will come through on special teams. Cairo Santos has the ability to be a good kicker. He just needs to show consistency.

Chiefs fans should have high expectations from all three facets, which should translate into double-digit wins and the first division victory since 2010.